Some initial thoughts plus Q&A


I am starting this in order to record my random thoughts and ideas on PHP and what probably would be nice for PHP to have and what would be nice to add to PHP. This is for myself as well as for everybody else. I have a few things in my “wishlist” for PHP and I thought maybe it would be interesting to put them up somewhere.

Over the time I’ve been writing to this blog my interests may change, so don’t also be surprised to find here posts not related to future of PHP or not related to PHP at all.

So, do you plan to do something with these thoughts?

I really don’t know, so far I plan to get as far as publishing them in the blog. Then I’ll see where it goes.

Why PHP 10.0?

Because I don’t necessarily expect any of it to be in PHP 6, 7, 8 and 9 🙂

But idea of Foo you posted sounds stupid!

You are free to think so. You are even free to say it in the comments, only please say why do you think so. Maybe it is stupid indeed and you would make me to See The Light (TM).

But you can’t do this Foo with PHP!

Sure I can’t. That’s why it’s interesting to think about what if I could.

But you can do Foo easily with current PHP!

Please tell me about it in comments. Maybe I missed something.

I like this idea and want to implement it, do I need to ask for a permission?

Not from me. Maybe you should ask PHP community if you want it to be part of official PHP. This is usually done by submitting an RFC.

Who are you?

My name is Stanislav Malyshev, I wrote some code inside PHP, I am the RM for PHP 5.4 and I used to work for Zend, now working for SugarCRM.