new zf book

Received a new book – Zend Framework 1.8 Web Application Development – for review. I just browsed through the pages, and it looks nice. Will take some time over the weekend to read it through.


5 thoughts on “new zf book

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  3. Already got through the first two chapters. The first covers the pure basics and if you have ever built a ZF site before you can safely skip it.

    The second chapter provides a solid grounding on the MVC architecture of ZF. This covers the roles and what part they play in this voodoo magic of making a page render to the browser. The front controller, router, dispatcher, request and response objects are all discussed. This includes an understading of how they fit into the design and ultimately how to leverage getting the best use out of them to fit any custom project requirements.

    The remaining part of the book covers the process involved in building a storefront application.

    Thus far, this book to me is a good buy with good coverage of design approaches to building the sample application with ZF, together with reasons for those choices.

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