I’ve posted the first beta of PHP Internationalization extension, bringing support for some ICU functions to PHP. Documentation can be read in PHP manual, and the downloads are available on PECL site.

If everything goes well, we’d have that one in 5.3, and then probably add more functionality (suggestions welcome!).


9 thoughts on “ICU+PHP=love

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  2. Intl looks great and we would be happy to use it as a core part of our wiki software.
    What would be nice to have is the date/time functionality (e.g. in MessageFormatter).

    Using ICU project-wide would be great – a lot of things would be simpler.

    Michal Frackowiak

  3. Yeah, but PHP 6 will come out when the Sun burns out the Earth… They still do not know how they will structure things like namespaces in it…

    Also, could you expose ICU’s fast string functions? Emulating this functionality in PHP is not so fast…

  4. Regular expressions not planned as of yet to be a part of it, but in the future maybe. I understand PHP 6 is supposed to have Unicode regular expressions.

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